Let me introduce myself

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My name is Jeremy London 👋, based in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado 🏔️, where I merge my deep-seated passion for AI and machine learning with practical experiences from Lockheed Martin to innovative startups like Vody. Specializing in multimodal systems and Large Language Models, I thrive on pushing the boundaries of technology to explore new solutions. When I'm not immersed in the digital world, you'll find me experimenting in the kitchen, strumming my guitar, or carving down snowy slopes.

Excitingly, I've recently taken on the role of Director of Engineering, AI & Threat Analytics at Keeper Security, where I'm eager to leverage my skills in AI and cybersecurity. This new position is a testament to my commitment to ethical AI and my relentless pursuit of creating impactful, innovative solutions.

At Keeper Security, I'm steering the ship towards advanced threat analytics by implementing User Behavior Analytics and User Entity Behavior Analytics. These initiatives are crucial for enhancing our security posture, enabling proactive threat detection, and ensuring the safety of digital ecosystems. My role involves leveraging the power of AI to develop innovative solutions that address the evolving threat landscape and DevSecOps, all while ensuring the ethical use of AI and machine learning.

Besides that, by creating this blog, I'm going to share all of my experiences that would be helpful to you. I'm always open to collaborating on projects that push the envelope in AI and cybersecurity. Let's explore how we can make the digital world a safer place together.

Need assistance or collaboration? Reach out and get in touch! Together, we can achieve greatness.